Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st blog in 2010

There have been a long time I never come to blog n bullshit here d... Haha

10 more days my Final exam for Years 2 sem 2 will start. But I still semi lazy mode. LOL...
Lucky still got touch a bit on RObotics this afternoon.
Actually everyday I telling myself need to work hard in order to success. But I donno why I damn lazy lately. Do not train my body for 1 month... Maybe more than that.. Always give myself reason that "Today a lot work to do save some energy". But then end of the day I did nothing.
HAte it...
Someone got any idea or I need to find my way out?

Tonight my feeling was kind of weird. The thing I like to do become so bored and scary.
Maybe I have too much of this kind memories with other. And it repeat again.
Once I think about the past, I start to scare. * mood swing*
I'm Trying to ask myself again n again it is the 1? Should I continue?
What if the same thing happen again? I am not brave enough to accept it.
Anyway... Everything will be fine... Jz smile ba.. GOD will arrange for me. I think so. :P

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